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Security of Personal Information

MHMarkets 2022-06-01

MHMARKETS uses network security software, systems and procedures, and strives to provide you with a safe trading environment and protect your personal, financial and trading information.

When you open an account with MHMARKETS, you will get a unique account number, username and password. Only a small number of MHMARKETS employees who must know your information because of their work needs know your account number, user name and password. Remember: The primary responsibility for maintaining the security of your account information such as account number, username and password is you. MHMARKETS strongly recommends that you do not disclose this information to anyone else.

MHMARKETS's website and online account opening page use encryption technology to protect information transmission between MHMARKETS and you, and use e-commerce certification authority (Certificate Authority in English) to certify MHMARKETS's website and ensure the safety of transactions and client online applications , to help you identify whether you are connecting to the MHMARKETS website.