Business Introduction

VPS Dedicated Server

24/7 Operation

The VPS trading dedicated server is equivalent to a virtual computer that runs independently 24 hours a day, allowing the connection time between the virtual platform and the broker's server to reach 99.99%, enabling the operation of intelligent trading (EA) to run uninterrupted.

Safe and Stable

During periods of severe market volatility, VPS can provide you with a more secure and stable trading environment, eliminating obstacles such as computer viruses and power outages.

Eliminate delays

Provides traders with a minimum ping value, eliminating unnecessary delays in the transaction process.

Trading via VPS at MHMarkets

  • Top server specs

    Top server specs

    High-speed central processing unit (CPU) and random access memory (RAM) ensure optimal network connection and execution speed, eliminating latency and helping you maximize profits.

  • Reject all trading obstacles

    Reject all trading obstacles

    Always connected to the Internet 7*24 hours, not affected by unexpected network interruptions, power outages or system errors, ensuring uninterrupted intelligent trading and grasping any trading opportunities.

  • Software and hardware security isolation

    Software and hardware security isolation

    Operating system virtualization technology realizes the isolation of software and hardware, effectively prevents hacker attacks, and greatly enhances the security of tradings.

Product Specifications

  • VPS Normal

    VPS Normal

    Not limited to any broker account, powered by MHMarkets.

    Funds above 5000 can be used for free.

    ¥ 1.00 CNY /month



    Hard Disk40G


  • VPS Pro

    VPS Pro

    Not limited to any broker account, powered by MHMarkets.

    Funds above 30000 can be used for free.

    ¥ 45.00 CNY /month

    ProcessorIncrease100% 2*CPU

    MemoryIncrease100% 2G

    Hard DiskIncrease50% 60G


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